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What is "est. Monthly Google Search Volume" in ranking?

I am currently focusing on ranking high on certain keywords. But I noticed some have high number for the volume # while some are even 0.

Do those numbers represent how many times people are searching those terms on Google? Should I be focusing on keywords with high volume #?

Thanks guys.


  • I heard that this was an added service a few days ago, but I don't see it anywhere...I thought it was under Rankings...then under the keyword list when you click on the product. Where is it?
  • Hey gnomepark. You click on "Rankings", then click on the product. And under the product name, you will find ASIN. Right under ASIN there is the "volume".
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited September 2015
    It's Google's estimates of monthly search volume for that keyword though

    Yes ideally you want to target the higher # search volume keywords, as that shows there is a demand for it.
    But then you will run into higher competition levels for the higher volume keywords - so It's probably easier to start somewhere in the middle, where you can rank easily, but still have some searchers. Then target the higher bigger volume keywords once you've got some experience with the easier ones.

    There's no point ranking for a keyword that gets no searches..
  • Thanks for the answer Sammy.

    Different products/categories probably have different search volumes. But what would be a good search # to target? For me, I have keywords with search volume ranging from 10 to 300. But then there are search volume going as high as 2000 though I don't rank as high there.

    Despite ranking in top 10 for several keywords with search volume in 10 to 300, my sales are extremely poor... Do you recommend targeting keywords with higher search volume?

    What's on average a good search volume for a keyword?

  • Hey Sammy,

    Saw your reply on other post about targeting those with about 5400/month.

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