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Product Revidie

Are you able to ask amazon central to delete a product review, if you consider they are not relevant to the product.

I understand you can ask central to delete a feedback review for delivery.

Any comments would be appreciated


  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited September 2015
    You can ask them whatever you want ;) Doesn't always mean they will do anything.
    Does it violate anything here?
    You might have a shot - but in my experience it's extremely rare for amazon to remove verified product reviews no matter the issue.
  • ok thanks and will get back to you all with the results....
  • kovachiikovachii
    edited September 2015
    Also take heart - I'm a regular amazon shopper as well as a reviewer. I know how to read a review and I think most customers do as well. If I'm trying to decide whether to buy your hair curler, I'm smart enough to disregard the review from the guy complaining that it fell apart when he used it for target practice and also his cat seemed to disapprove of having its tail curled and what's with all these made in China products? I'm going to look for what people say about its performance in curling their hair.
  • @kovachii
    Yeah I think most shoppers recognise the obviously fake / irrelevant ones and ignore the..
    I've gotten the rare ridiculous negative review but just shrug it off these days as I know my customers are generally pretty intelligent and can spot bullshit in a review as well as I can.

    In fact I go a step further and mention it in my reply that my customers are usually smart enough to see through this if I'm sure it's not a genuine review.
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