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Missing stock

Is anyone having their stock suddenly go missing out of inventory.

I had stock delivered and one box went missing, then it was one product...

Turned out they made a mistake and rectified it.

Now This happened to me a few days ago and 5 so I thought were sold but seemed that was not the case.

7 days and numerous emails to seller central. They then advise me they have 'gone Mia'

They are now searching and looking for this 'missing stock'...............

Is anyone else noticing this issue.


  • I have noticed this as well. On my first shipment to FBA, they received in 250 units and within a week 5 units were "missing". When I contacted seller support I got what felt like a form letter response saying that the inventory was "likely misplaced in the warehouse" and that the "system is designed to automatically reimburse" after a set time. Additional follow-ups about the timing of any reimbursement have gone unanswered.

    Two months have now passed and no reimbursement and the 5 units are still missing. The items retail for around $25 so it's not a huge dollar loss but definitely something I'd like Amazon to make right when it happens.

  • That is exactly what happened to one of my missing consignments, boat came in with products then 7 days later they told the 35 in one of the boxes of 3 were damaged. I questioned this and it went down from a box to then 1 and a refund came through.

    What they tend to do it seems if they have these issues they hope the seller will just forget about it, well that is not me.

    Just now had confirmation that I have to wait 30 days from time I reported this 'missing# and a refund will follow.

    Which means you should open up a new ticket and ask for a refund. Thanks.
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