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Adwords PPC: Is there a way to track traffic conversion / measure results?

Hi all.

I know many are using good old fashioned Google Adwords to send traffic directly to their product listings for SEO and sales.

The question I have is how do you measure if the PPC campaigns are effective? On a website you can create a goal e.g. /checkout/thank_you.html to show Google that a goal of sale is achieved... Google can then show you in Adwords or Analytics a conversion ratio...

How do you do it with Amazon listings (since there is no specific lading page address for a completed transaction on Amazon)? Has anyone figured this out? Or do you just see the clicks and happy with that?

@Sammy, you probably have an answer for this one. @Travis_Jamison ?




  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited September 2015
    I love analytics and track everything for e-com sites wherever possible. But for Amazon I don't track Adwords or Bing PPC ROI at all. I can give you anecdotes though:

    I spend ~$40 on Adwords PPC a day for 2 Amazon listings and I get a definite drop in sales when I turn it off for a few days. I only target longer tail or buying keywords though- not the high volume head terms in my niche.

    The drop is about 20-30 sales/day below average compared to when Adwords PPC is running when I turned it off.

    If I remember correctly the only way to track it directly is using your own amazon affiliate links? Which is outside the TOS and a quick way to get banned. I'm fairly risk averse with Amazon, like you I imagine so I wouldn't try that route.

    I can accept not being able to track conversions down to the exact $ value for now - knowing it's bringing quality outside traffic that seems to be getting sales.
    I've left it on most of the time - so it's just anecdotal and might have been other factors effecting sales - but that's my experience.
  • Thank you, Sammy... this inspires confidence...
    I know there is no way to track Amazon, but I hoped there was another way to tell Google about "goal" being reached... perhaps a page that Amazon takes a successful transaction to which can be set as a goal in Analytic or Adwords... I will keep looking, as this is important, but I get your point... you don't know how much, but you know that it is enough :)
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