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Do clicks / sales from Amazon PPC provide SEO benefits for my Organic listings?

SammySammy ✭✭
edited June 2015 in Amazon SEO
I sell I Phone cases.

Say my customer searches for 'blue I phone case', then clicks on my Amazon PPC Ad and purchases one.

Does this give the same benefit as coming to my organic listing or from a Super URL that included the keywords 'blue Iphone case' in the url string and purchasing?

I'm asking because after clicking on an Amazon ppc ad there's no keywords in the URL string - but I have heard it sends the same signals to Amazon and ultimately provides the same SEO benefits for your organic listing.



  • As I wrote in another post, I'm seeing ranking increases for keywords for which I have PPC running.

    To me it seems the less I have to spend per conversion, the better it ranks.
    I didn't test the statistical significance of that, but that's my impression.
  • It does appear to improve rankings somewhat in a round-about way.
    I always had the theory that it helped because some users would click an advertisement, then keep searching, and then search "the brand" to find it again later which boosted organic rankings. 100% pure theory though.

    If for no other reason though, the PPC usually has a great ROI so I use it no matter what. Especially if you let it sit for a couple of months the CPC lowers a good bit.
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