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Updating of information on AMZ Tracker

I have recently signed up to this service and am very happy with the tools provided.
However, since I added my products to the software I have changed product titles, descriptions etc via Seller Central and the information does not appear to get updated by AMZ Tracker?
I also have an issue with the sales tracking tab. It is telling me one of my products is selling 116 per day, which is certainly nowhere near true (I wish).
Should I be deleting my products each time I make a change so the information pulled by AMZ Tracker is up to date?
I seems counter intuitive to do this as the data already gathered will then be lost.
Curious to know what others do about this.
Thank you.


  • Hey @lmack23
    Happy that you're enjoying AMZ Tracker!

    Your questions:
    1. The titles in the keyword tracking area do not update after the 1st time due to the fact that you can manually update them how you please, and we don't want to overwrite that.
    2. The "onpage analyzer" CAN be refreshed though. Just click the refresh button and it will rescan the page.
    3. Tracking: Remember that you cannot track any products that have lots of multiple sellers, or has over 1000 units in stock. This is most likely the problem based on what I see. (click the product in the sales tracker to reveal the graph).
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