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Facebook Ads - Your experience

Hey Folks,

I was wondering if there is any best practice regarding facebook ads and adwords.

We currently use facebook ads in order to drive traffic to our listings and the results are ok but not supergood.

Usually the traffic converts not as good as amazon traffic, which is logical - but still.... :(

How is your experience?

Do you add Promocodes to your ads? What discount typically works best for you?

What kind of targeting do you use? Product related or do you target coupon-moms :D.

I just threw some questions in the middle, maybe we can put our ideas and questions together since it HAS to be a powerful tool.



  • my personal experience FB ads for amazon sucks ... if you can write a blog post about your product and promote that of FB which people might share may see better results..
  • People do not shop on FB. People chat, share, comment... not shop... That's like trying to sell me something on the beach, when all I have is my shorts and a towel... Can it generate a sale? Sure. Will conversion % be decent? I somehow doubt it... Using FB for promotions, traffic for reviews + discount coupon = sure, but to generate sales? You need to get very creative and there is much better bang for buck... Why not generate sales in a "mall", which is what Amazon is... Or as @Sammy suggested - long tail keywords that are definitely used by someone in "shopping mode" via Adwords... Coupon sites (aka Groupon clones) is a decent idea... 50% off (if it still makes you money at this margin) plus use a link with embedded keyword... People love a deal and you get your targeted traffic to rank you on a relevant high volume keyword... IMHO
  • People just don't go to FB for shopping. They are conditioned to go to other places to shop and go to Facebook to post pictures of their pets.
  • Use FB for building a list and brand awareness...which is a more long-term marketing tactic. Each social network has their own unique use. Direct sales at full price is not the use for FB.
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