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My sales stayed the same despite more reviews, feedback, and keyword ranking.

My sales have been stayed the same despite using all the cool tools offered by AMZ Tracker.
Before using AMZ Tracker, I only had a couple of reviews. Now I have more than tripled the reviews. Thanks to AMZ Tracker, I started to get a feel about how to rank higher in keywords I was targeting as well. Over all, it was a great experience. But the most important thing to me is sales...

Despite all this effort, sales have stayed the same.. Anyone else experienced the same thing?
Any tips would be greatly appreciated!



  • Are you ranking in the top few spots for your most important keywords now?
  • Hey Travis,

    I am ranking in top 10 for the keywords I am targeting. And the keywords have volume ranging from 100 - 1000.

  • I hate to ask the question but are you selling something that people actually seek out to purchase? Are people searching for the item and not finding yours or are they just not searching?
  • @ocochos
    It sounds like you're on the right track - but for those keywords it's an extremely low amount of volume, I wouldn't expect many sales.
    Is your listing getting any traffic? You can check these in Seller Central -> Reports ->Business Reports

    Put it this way - IF 1000 people are actually searching for that keyword on Amazon each month, then that's ~33 people per day. On the first page there is 16 listings, 4 side bar ads, another 7 ads at the bottom, and 7 suggested products. That's already 34 options for them to pick from.

    It's extremely possible you'd get 0 or very few people clicking your listing, even being on the first page. So ranking top ten for a 1000 volume keyword would mean close no to no traffic, let alone any sales.
    Do you have any competition above you selling similar stuff? Are they selling anything?

    Also tripling a 'couple of reviews' could mean you have 7.... This is pretty insignificant in Amazon land and might make no difference. You will need a lot more to compete I think.
    I'd suggest keep doing what you're doing but make sure there's actually people buying what you are selling, and perhaps target some harder keywords for your product if you expect to get many sales.
  • @Fenix It's a tech item, which I'm starting to realize comes and goes in fashion very fast.

    @Sammy Thanks for the information! I just checked, and it looks like the page is getting around 300~350 Page Views per week. And goes up to ~500/week when do Amztracker promotion.

    One main competitor I follow closely sell ~10 according to Amztracker, but they have more than 100 reviews, while I only have 45 reviews.

    I have been getting my keywords from Google and Amztracker, and deleting any keyword with 0 volume and keeping with those 100>..In my Search Terms, I put keywords and separated them with comas as suggested by an Amazon associate... is that the right way to go? Previously, I had longtail words, but switched to using comas after chatting with Amazon associate.

    One thing is the competitors would use images with background on them to make the images more appealing. But I read that it's better to use images with just white background. Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks for the response guys.
  • @ocochos
    - comas: That associate is wrong in this case. You should NOT use commas. Don't duplicate keywords, and when possible try and use the exact phrase people would search (in order).
    - Images: The most important thing here is that your images look great, let the Amazon users really see the details of the product, and are nice and big and can be zoomed in on.
    - Sales: In order to overcome your competitor it's less about reviews, but more about historical sales volume. So you will need to constantly outdo them a little bit (perhaps through product reviews) in order to overcome their historical sales volume. This can really help if your product listing just REALLY outshines your competitors. Copywriting, answering all possible user questions or concerns, talking about benefits, etc
  • @Travis_Jamison if no comas in keywords how do you separate keywords ?
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