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FeedbackFive Reviews Not Being Generated/Solicited

edited September 2015 in General
Hey guys/gals,

This is my first post & i'm really hoping some clever person out there can answer this question.

Ok, so i'm listing products, i'm selling them, i'm offering discount codes & doing everything by the book. I also have a follow up sequence using FeedBack5 which is great & seems to be working.

One problem is that 10 order reviews have been excluded? Any ideas why?

The message I get when I hover over the 10 orders that can't be uploaded is:

"Orders are excluded from solicitation according to your settings on the Auto exclusions page"

Please see attached screenshot of my FB5 dashboard.

I have also contacted feedbackfive as well to find out why.

Many Thanks for any help anyone can givefeedback five reviews not working


  • Good morning! My name is Joanna Lupo, Customer Support Supervisor for eComEngine (FeedbackFive). The orders to which you refer have been automatically excluded for the following reasons: Out of Country (associated with a different marketplace), Positive Feedback Received (solicitation no longer necessary). I hope this helps to clarify things a bit more. Should you need further assistance, please feel free to email Customer Support at [email protected] Have a great weekend!
  • NO-LabelNO-Label
    edited September 2015
    @jlupo Thanks so much :) great seeing you on here. One of your amazing CS agents ran through it all with me.

    May I say your, customer service is fantastic. I can't recommend your FEEDBACK FIVE enough. Keep up the great work.

  • @jlupo - As a reviewer... thank you! There is nothing quite so annoying as receiving an email from a seller that extols how much they respect and value our opinions and would appreciate it greatly if owe could leave a review for a product that we reviewed 4 days earlier.

    OK - there is one thing more annoying.... receiving a request for a review on a supplement or beauty product 24 hours after we receive it. It comes across as "I don't care what you really think... Say something nice! Say it Now!" Does your system also allow for a "waiting period" between when a product has been received and when a review request nudge is enabled?
  • I've been getting phone calls lately asking me to leave a review for products long since completed. They come from a call center likely out of the country but mask the incoming with a local area code.
  • Hey @Fenix , how are you?

    With the FBFIVE app we (as sellers) are able to determine how many days after a customer purchases an item when they will received the follow up emails. Our company sets a 5 day following the dispatch.

    Usually our products are sent out same day or next day and usually are in delivered within a 48 hour window.

    We send 2 emails total then stop & do not follow up with a phone call.

    So far we have found that this system to work really well & helped build a good relationship & we have even noticed follow up orders.

    Does this sound like a good way to do things?
  • jlupojlupo
    edited September 2015
    @NO-Label - Thank you for the kind words, and for helping out @Fenix. Your efforts are most appreciated. If any of you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact Customer Support at [email protected] Have a great day!
  • @NO-Label - I think your system sounds great and perfectly reasonable.

    From personal experience I can tell you while the review request emails when reviews have been left drive me insane, the ones that leave the best impression are the "thank you for your thoughtful review" emails from sellers that really are paying attention. I can't tell you where I put my keys when I walked in the house 5 minutes ago but I can tell you the three sellers that have sent me those emails and what they sell so it's a pretty good bet that I will purchase from them again, code or no code.

  • @Fenix - That's such great feedback. I will start sending those thank you emails post review. Such a great idea, can't believe I have never thought of that.You're a superstar!!
  • The only problem I see with this good idea is that the review name is often different to the purchase name, so finding the reviewer to email them may be impossible. I guess leaving a comment under the review is similar in effect
  • Hey @jlupo appreciate you stopping by the forum to help out your customers. Says a lot about the quality of you and the Feedback Five team.
    Please drop back in anytime, or if you have new features you want to promote, etc. If it can help our users sell more, I'm all ears.

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