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Full Disclosure On Review Listing

There is a seller of phone cases that has every item listed for free. So I click on a few to review. Get accepted for a few, get the promo code and head over to Amazon. Now mind you, I do have Amazon Prime. Now I enter the promo code for the item and it drops it to $0.99 and then tacks on a $4.98 shipping charge. Nowhere in the listing on the Review side did it state anything about a $0.99 charge or a shipping fee. This to me, is very deceptive and seems like they are trying to at least profit off their item initially listed as free.

If you list it as free, then it should be free across the board if I am to help you promote your product and push it up the ranking. That's what this is all about right? Moving products to the top of the rankings? I have no problem sitting down and writing a paragraph or two to help you, I will in fact do my very best to do so.

The seller knows this because I have sent emails, and still no response. Sellers must know how much the code is going to bring it down to and whether or not they are charging shipping. At least be upfront about it so there is no issues on the Review Request side. I have had to make a report about these items because of this. I kinda feel like a jerk reporting it, but to be honest, if an item states it is free, then there should not be a $0.99 cost and a $4.98 shipping charge on top of it. If that's what they want to do, then I think it should be disclosed up front on the Review side. Sorry, this is just the 4th item they have approved me for that have all done exactly the same thing. I have messaged them multiple times with no return response as to why this is.


  • Why would you feel like a jerk for reporting a seller that is trying to game the system and take advantage of you? They tried to play you for a fool. Isn't reporting the issue the very least that they deserve? It's kind of hard to hit them on this on the review end since you are not buying their product so even if you try it won't be verified but hopefully someone at AMZ will notice the trend and do take action to protect the interest of their reviewers.
  • As an FBA seller I have no control over shipping costs - It's 100% handled by Amazon that I know of. I don't have an option to set anything.

    Yeah changing the price is a dick move, it could just be the seller experimenting with the price on Amazon and not updating here - but it could be intentional.
  • I think they just don't care and are doing it intentionally, trying to recoup money for items listed as free. I had 3 do this to me, then I sent an email to the seller explaining about it and heard nothing back. It has been about 5 days since sending it I think. Then they approved me for the 4th one and it was set up the exact same way. I have since emailed them again and have yet to hear back.

    I am fine with them doing this as long as they disclose it in the review listing and give us a heads up. if you want $0.99 then list it at $0.99 and state there will be a $4.98 shipping fee added. Don't let us be mislead by your offers of free. That to me is just unethical. I am here to help you out, trying to help improve your rankings so you can make more money selling them at full price and you're still trying to screw us over by making money off items listed as free.
  • I usually try to give them time to reply and fix the issue, but they apparently just don't care enough to want to. I just won't offer to review any more of their items. No sweat. Don't get me wrong, I have spent plenty of money on here, I will spend it if you are straight up about what you are trying to get reviews on. I have no problem paying for something if I like it and want to review it.
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