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New Tutorial Showing reviewers to Review Products not Seller.

A lot important reviews are pilling up on seller review page. It's good but i think product reviews are better. Just a quick video tutorial to buyers to rather leave product reviews rather than seller review will be very helpful.


  • They can leave both the seller review & product review at the same time. I believe the product review most be submitted first and them after a seller review. We definitely need a video for the buyers @Travis_Jamison on the process since I see on certain occasions where the buyer leaves a seller review and the product review doesn't show on the product page.
  • I get really frustrated as a reviewer when I receive multiple emails from sellers after I leave a seller review saying that I "must have accidentally left a seller review" and asking me to please leave a product review instead. Don't you guys want both? For the record, in every single case I have already left a product review, so the e-mail just annoys me.
  • This is what i Hate about this service so far. Before this was when you realized a reviewer is selling you stuff on ebay...

    Reviewer, we Love you. Maybe it just me but i want product reviews more than seller reviews. I read some awesome reviews and thing , damn this will look good under my products and bring me closer to the 5th star i lost..

    Travis. Make something happen here.
  • King you may not need seller reviews and prefer product reviews.

    But customers actually read seller reviews before purchasing an item from you.
    I know I do... Do others..?? Or is it just me.

    So you may have a good product, but if the seller reviews aren't showing anything positive,
    how is a new buyer to know if you are a good seller or not.

    I leave both seller and products reviews. On different days most of the time.
    Maybe don't assume that they will not leave you a product review.
    We have 10 days to leave review from the day we recieve your products. So feedback for seller and products can be left at any point within this ten day period.
    I hope this helps you.
  • What misspinky said.

    I always leave seller feedback before I leave a product review. Usually there's a few days in between.

    I also hate being scolded that I "must have made a mistake." Trust me, reviewers are very familiar with the difference between seller feedback and a product review! We know what our obligations are, and live up to them.
  • Thanks mtmirror it's Nice when someone agree's with me...!!
  • Agreed, I leave both, seller feedback is easy, I knock it out all at once every so often, product reviews are much more in depth. I get tons of emails and have to explain, I'm still leaving or have already left product reviews!
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