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Should Sellers offer products to people with no FeedBack history?

Hey people,

Thanks for taking the time to checkout this post.

I've recently had a number of buyers with no feedback history related to their Amazon accounts.

I'd be interested in anyones thoughts as a seller & also as a buyer.


  • Honestly, I wouldn't risk it due to the number of people that get stuff just because it's free and don't follow the rules. I'm a reviewer and buyer by the way. It isn't hard to just review products you've purchased previously in order to create some review history on your profile. If they haven't even done that, then I wouldn't bother giving them a code.
  • Thanks @msmreviews that was my thought :smile: I do however not give anything away for FREE but offer a HUGE 90% off. Each review/sale does cost me, as all our products are FBA.
  • Absolutely, positively, no flipping way should you give your valuable product to some one who hasn't even taken the time to leave at LEAST fifteen reviews on Amazon. To do it for someone with ZERO is madness, and I think this site should ban anyone with less than ten reviews so no ones time or money is wasted.
  • Strong words @Judy but I like it :smile:
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