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Super URL and Keywords

Quick question(s):

I have given away ($1) approx 30-40 items using predominantly the same keyword in a Super URL over the past week or so. My ranking for that particular keyword just does not seem to improve, always hovering around 50-70.

Is it because the keyword is too popular (50k searches per month)?
Is it because I am not giving away enough to rank?
How can I rank better for this keyword without giving away my entire inventory?

Appreciate any advice...


  • What was your listing ranking before you starter ? did you gave them all away in one day or a few per day ?
  • it depends on the competition for the keyword on Amazon... this is much simpler than it looks... Let's say you gave away 50 items... people did use your code and did use the Super URL... in reality not everyone who applies for to get the code uses the code... I am guessing many reviewers are chasing several items at the same time... so if they suddenly get approved for many items, they may choose to get only select few - items are not completely free and when given a choice they may not actually place an order... But let's say all 50 people who applied for the code, got the code and place the order... What were you actual sales per day/week/month? If they were zero, you got 50... if you had 100, you got 150... I know this is redundant and obvious, but let's say you have sales of 100 + 50 promotion and most other sellers ahead of you have 300, 400, 500, 1000, 10000 per month... can it move you that much? Other competing product have sales too and other sellers may also promote their items... So it all depends on your niche, category, and level of competition... You may have to do more to see results and as Travis says - it somehow works better when you use several keywords on Super URL, so try that...
  • Thank you for the input, very much appreciated.
    The giveaways are probably around 4-7 per day so I guess the keyword is too popular to rank at those sort of numbers.
    I have now included less popular keywords in the SURL in an effort to rank better for those and hope the popular keyword rank increases organically with more sales.
    Thanks again, will have to test more I guess...
  • I found that if I drop the initial offering price, drop about 50-100 voucher in 1 day (I know other people don't necessarily do this), I get traction on natural buys and slowly build my price back up as I am getting the momentum.
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