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Importance of Using a Third-Party Feedback System

Third-Party Feedback systems such as Feedback Genius, Feedbackz, or Feedback Five help facilitate and ease the process of receiving feedback from your customers. More importantly than simply getting the positive feedback is actually being able to control negative feedback on your Amazon products.

As you know, negative feedback on your products simply can cause other viewers to view your product negatively and/or perhaps may alter Amazon’s ranking algorithm against your product.

While you may be able to manually enter in replies to the negative reviews in addressing the issue (which is always highly recommended), using a service like Feedback Genius helps tremendously in reaching out to the customer right before they even write a review (regardless if it’s a negative or positive review). Using these third party tools is in hopes that you catch the negative review writers before they actually write the reviews.

Check out one of the Amazon feedback tools, and how it can help augment your Amazon product experience.

Do you have experience using a system like this?
What is the best one out there?
I would love to hear some stories of how this has helped in your business and some big wins we can share. I think this is a an area that a lot of us can improve on and most are neglecting.


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    My internal team for my Amazon brands decided on going with FeedbackFive over FeedbackGenius simply because FeedbackFive works in the UK. I believe that Genius is working on it though. Thus far I'm happy with them.
    (edit* Feedbackz also works for Amazon UK as well now)

    I use these types of services to actually up-sell my products. If you've never used one of these, you can customize the messages that you send to your buyers based on certain criteria.
    So, in this particular case I can up-sell them to buy more. If they only buy 1 unit, I can have Feedback Five automatically send them a message with a coupon for 25% off if they buy 3 more within the next 48 hours.

    You can also cross-sell if you have related products.
    "Hi, thanks for your order of [product name]. You might be interested in our other product called [product2 name]. If you are interested in trying it more here is a coupon for 15% off for the next 24 hours only.

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    We use Feedback genius. Love the service. We use a custom written 5-piece order follow up where each piece relates to their order (in supplement category) and moves them towards leaving positive feedback.

    Thus far we've averaged a 20-25% review rate for our products. Very happy with that.

    @Travis - Be careful up-selling and cross-selling via Feedback genius or any other system that sends emails over Amazon Messaging service. Both of those activities are explicitly called out as being not allowed in Amazon's TOS for the service. I have no idea what they'd do if they caught you. Could be nothing. Could be Banning You. Or anything in-between. Just be aware of the risks when you do something against their rules.
  • for FBG pay account could attached pdf file, any ideas with this feature ?
  • @foodin65 could you go into more detail on your 5 piece series? How do you set it up so customer doesn't get annoyed? 20-25% is great.

  • I'd be interested in hearing about that as well. I've heard that you shouldn't send an email letting the customer know their order has shipped. Amazon doesn't like it. They already send the order confirmation email and your email has shipped messages. So I was planning on sending an email asking them if they've received their product/seller feedback. Then on later on down the road asking for a review. Four emails total (Amazon + me) seems like enough.
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