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Appeagle Reviews- Repricing Software

edited May 14 in General


Appeagle claims to be an intelligent multi-marketplace repricing platform that helps online merchants capture more sales by keeping their prices competitive at all times. Appeagle, now renamed, eliminates the need for manual pricing research by regularly retrieving competition and adjusting prices based on powerful repricing strategies. It is a repricing software, much like our favorite GoAura. By providing the tools and insight needed to maintain a competitive advantage, Appeagle helps online sellers become more visible in the marketplace, resulting in a dramatic increase in sales and profits.

Why It's Needed

Amazon makes tens of millions of price changes everyday, making it virtually impossible for sellers to keep up with the competition's prices. Appeagle automates repricing continuously, all while maximizing profit margins.

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  • Since price adjustments never seem to go down it sounds like a pretty amazing way to thoroughly annoy amd diminish good will from reviewers who request at one price only to discover that when they go to pay for the item the price has increased.

    Probably quite useful once an item is established but while it's in the Review acquisition mode, it sounds like a dangerous game to play.
  • @Fenix Don't worry most of our users would never use a repricer like AppEagle.

    Repricers are great, but they don't have any value for sellers who own their own brand (like almost all of AMZ Tracker's customers or reviewers). App Eagle (and all repricers) are used by sellers who sell OTHER peoples products. "Resellers" who have to compete with the buy box.
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