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I have created 11 keywords over the amount allowed. How do I go about deleting them? I have tried to just delete them but when I go back into my AMZ tracker there they are again. Thanks


  • Paul_DPaul_D
    edited January 2016
    Hey Gillirish,

    From inside the dashboard go ahead and click the "Rankings" link on the top left in the navigation. Select the product you want to delete the keywords from and you will see a small arrow on the far left side, click this arrow and all your keywords should appear below the product.

    Go ahead and select the keywords you want to delete and on the top of the page you will see a red button "Delete Keywords".

    Confirm you want to delete those key words on the pop-up and you should see a small box appear notifying you of the changes made.

    Hope this helps! :)
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