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Ebooks on Amazon

I am thinking of putting some of my ebooks on the review club but do not know
how I go about this.
I have used the review club for physical products, gone to amazon central, obtained codes etc.

How does this work for ebooks


  • Hey Kim, I found this information on the recently updated FAQ page for the Review Club:

    "9. Does this work for Kindle books and other digital products?

    Ok, so with kindle books or ebooks you can not use the review club, this is because Amazon does not allow coupon codes to be created for them.

    BUT all the other tools still work great. You can track rankings, use Super URL's and everything else no problem.

    For digital products, if you are able to create a coupon code, then you can use the review club. If not, this is won't work. Some sellers have suggested the use of Gift Cards, however our system is not designed for this use."
  • I do Kindle publishing myself. If I may give you an advice, the best way of getting good reviews nowadays is to build up strong followers among your readers in order to get honest reviews. One of the better advice would be that you start building your E-mail list and create your own brand as publisher (back-end, funnel, email list).
    AMZ Tracker Staff Member
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