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Reviewers leaving reviews on Seller Profile

edited September 2015 in AMZ Tracker Tools
I am having trouble with multiple reviewers leaving their feedback on my Seller Profile. I do PL and the whole point of putting up my products on the Review Club is to get the product reviews NOT on my profile. In the instructions section, I clearly ask potential reviewers to leave their feedback on the product page but many will still not listen.

When I contact them asking to put a review on a product page, only a fraction will follow through, the rest just ignore you.

Is there anything that can be done about this by myself? Perhaps this is an issue that could be dealt with by the Admins?

I would be grateful for any input.


  • This should be an incredibly isolated thing. Most of the reviewers will leave BOTH a product feedback AND and seller feedback. It would be very very tough to know for sure that someone is not leaving both, as their usernames don't match up for product and seller reviews.
  • This just happened to me today. I contacted the reviewer reminding him to leave a review on a product page, he has yet to respond. A few days ago I had to remind the other one to review the product page. I trade in the UK.
    There is at least another (third) person who left the review on my profile but not my product page.
  • I leave both. I ignore most of the requests asking for me to leave feedback on the product page, because in all situations I already have left feedback on the product page. I guess I just assumed that you guys used an automated service asking everyone to leave product feedback. Should I be emailing back saying that I did already leave a product review?
  • I have to agree with msm reviews on this. As I personally leave my seller review within a day or so of recieving the product, then I leave the product review within, ten days from recieving the product as per AMZ rules. I have had a lot of sellers asking me the same thing, to leave my review on the product. Which I always do but a few days later. I always email the seller back to say, that is correct, as that's your seller review not product review.
    I always do a detailed seller review also so sellers get mixed up by this, especially if I have been in contact with a seller my seller review with reflect this. To state how good Cust service us etc.

    So are you sure that the review that has been left on your seller page, is not just the users review of you as a seller.?
    As have you checked to see if a product review has not been done too.

    I have sellers reminding me to leave my reviews. When I have only recieved my product a few days ago.
    We as reviewers have ten days. From physically recieving a product.
    Some sellers seem to add, after the code has been issued on the other info bit.
    That the review must be left within 7 Days.
    Which is not the rules you agree to on AMZ.
    So those requests are not agreed or known to a reviewer prior to sellers issuing a code to a reviewer. But after. Which isn't really right.
    So am I wrong here in thinking that 10 days is what should be followed.

    Are you maybe reminding reviewers too early. When maybe they haven't actually recieved if they don't have prime or they did but, only a few days before?
  • I've sometimes gotten reminder emails from sellers saying something along the lines of "You made a mistake and posted your review on our seller page! Please leave the review in the right place!"

    Um, no, I haven't made a mistake. I left seller feedback soon after the package arrived. (I probably said something like "Great item! Would happily buy from this seller again!" and left 5-star seller feedback. That's what I normally do.)

    I probably left packaging feedback at that time, too.

    But it takes a while longer for me to test, photograph, and review the product. I will do it when I can -- and in advance of the deadline.

    I find those emails so annoying. Don't bug me about it unless I'm really late. (And I never am.)
  • @freempact
    In my experience most leave both, but it's rare to only leave a seller review if you are picking reviewers who have any experience.

    Obviously they will leave a seller review much earlier than their product review. It's very likely they haven't even had the chance to test the product yet and getting more emails is just gonna annoy them.
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