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"Like" or "Favorite" option?

I am new to this forum but not forums in general. I am learning my way around and I didn't see a search option to see if this topic had been discussed previously.

When searching AMZ and I see a product I am interested in purchasing, but not at the current discounted price, I would like the option to "like" or "favorite" the product so I can follow it to see if the seller drops the price later. Is this a possible option?


  • @grwrn - You can search the forum using the search bar on the far top right of your screen (it's easy to miss).

    Re: your question, I don't believe there's currently a way to do that.
  • I'd love a way to favorite an offer, too. Sometimes it costs more than I can afford at the moment - but after payday I'd like to go back and request it.
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