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lost 50% reviews...over 100+ Reviews Disappeared.. any one else?

edited September 2015 in General
I just lose 50% of the reviews on one of my product, not sure why...
reviews were up to 219, all of a sudden they went done to 99....

any one else seeing some thing similar?


  • That sucks.
    I've had them come through from time to time in the past and take away some reviews (usually people who didn't leave a disclosure). It's been a long time for me though (thankfully).

    Anyway hate to hear it. Shouldn't hurt your rankings at least as those are independent.
  • About a month ago we lost half of our reviews on a newly launched product. Only had about 20 reviews at the time, so not as bad as yours. Haven't seen anymore go since then.
  • Just want to say that as a reviewer, I've recently had a couple of my reviews removed even with my disclosure.
  • I got 10-12 similar products, ONLY one got effected .... is there any do's and dont's to avoid this ? no point in calling customer support and complaining?

    Same product had this happen last week too but only 10-15 reviewers were removed, but this time 100+ is a hard hit...
  • Strangely enough, 100+ reviews I lost starting showing up after 12 hours or so...
  • I havent noticed anything..
  • We've lost 33% of reviews on a product recently and this product was never in a promo. All of it was 100% full retail price sales. Total mystery and very frustrating. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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