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New on AMZ Tracker. Advices and feedbacks

Hi everybody,

I am a new AMZ Tracker user and wanted to say hello to all the AMZ Community with this first message.
It seems that we have a great community here! I am very happy to join you, guys.

I start using AMZ Tracker for a few weeks and I already really love this product: very clear interface, simple to setup and use, very useful tools :
- I have improved my products descriptions thanks to On Page Analyzer and my ranking is already getting a bit better !
- I have also created Super URLs to link to my products and put it on my blog, website…etc but it it is still difficult to measure impact on my rankings.

Since I am new here, I am just curious to have your feedbacks about your own experience, guys :
How fast and how well did you improve your ranking thanks this two tools and AMZ Tracker in general?
Which impact can you measure today on your Amazon Business, after months, a year ..etc ?

Just curious to have your feedback.

Have good sales
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