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Sellers: Share your hacks for spying on competitors! I'll start..

One of the tools I like for spying on competitors is the 'Negative Reviews' section. By enabling to monitor your competitors you can see what the buyers are saying about them.
# What don't they like?
# What doesn't it do but promised to?
# Did it break easy or was it made of poor material?

With this info you can improve your product around what the customer is asking for/complaining about. Or you can look to revise your Amazon listing to address these customer concerns or explain why your product is superior.

I can also see myself using negative review tracking in the future for market research on new products/niches, using the negative review feedback to build a better widget and they outsell my competition with a superior product.

Share your top hack or tip on how you utilize AMZtracker as a Seller to spy on the competition.
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