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How do I cancel a review request after it has been proved?

Is there a way to do this? Some sellers increase the price and then approve me for a review. I do not see a cancel button. Is clicking "I've reviewed this" even though I haven't just to clear it off my list okay?



  • You can click "Report a problem" and write about how the price is more than what you originally requested and that you haven't used your coupon code either. Then submit it and you should see an option to hide that product request.

    Technically it's not the same as just canceling, but I think this is the only way to avoid getting in trouble with the seller or getting the "it's been 10 days and you haven't left a review" email. A lot of reviewers have been having problems with sellers increasing the cost of the items after they send out codes, so don't worry about getting banned or anything.
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