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iReviewHome - Scammers ripping off AMZ Review Trader

edited September 2015 in General
The site is

Ireviewhome appears to be ripped right from AMZ Review Trader. The images, text, some of the markup that I checked. Most of the functionality doesn't seem to be working. Most of the links lead to blank pages. I'm not sure if this review site is an affiliate of AMZ or something like that, so I just wanted to make sure that the staff knows about this.

I also wanted to post this on the forum rather than just a customer service report so that other reviewers and sellers know about it. I feel like this site might be a phishing attempt, so don't give them any information.


  • edited December 2015
    Thanks for the heads up. ireviewhome looks like just another scam site. We've had lots of copycats for our products, and none of them have been worth a damn yet. Ireview Home just looks like a bunch of scammers trying to trick people (perhaps trying to steal data), or at the very least just doing a very bad job trying to copy what works :)
  • amz review trader is far the best compared to any other out there...
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited October 2015
    There's tons out there offering the same service, although haven't seen any blatant rips like that, except a certain amztracker ripoff.

    Funny.. I was getting ads from one review group in FB constantly and signed up to their review group to see what it was like. Paid the paypal fee then........ Nothing. No redirection page. No Log in detials. No email.

    No reply from support, So I emailed again wanting a refund... nothing.
    Soon as the word chargeback was mentioned in an email they quickly refunded my money. However oddly never even sent me a response to anything. I think morons are just putting up sites before they have any actual reviewers/sellers...

    This happens in every industry online.. Ive been ripped off heaps of times and now I just laugh.
    99% of copycats fail miserably. They always seem to think there's one thing that makes a online busiiness successful (design, copy, layout, product selection, colour scheme lol) when it could be 1000 other reasons behind the scenes that are making it successful.
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