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Coupon Codes

Hi Travis, My reviewers keep coming back to me saying the Coupon Codes aren't working! I've re issued them and these are still not working. What should I do? Thanks



  • Hi there Gillian,
    Sometimes this indeed does happen.

    1) Make sure you follow this Amazon coupon code guide.

    2) Make sure you set the coupons to "unrestricted"

    3) Make sure that you wait at least 4 hours after creating a promo. It takes this long for the coupon to become active.

    4) Check and make sure that you're the only seller selling the product on Amazon. If someone else has the buy-box, then the reviewer will try to purchase from the wrong seller and it won't work. If someone else has it, either use a special super url with your Merchant ID included, OR just leave directions of which seller to buy from for the reviewers to see.

    5) After all that, there will still be the odd-ball code that doesn't work. This is rare though.

  • That's really helpful thanks Travis. PS how on earth do you and Eric keep up with all the emails? I'm presuming theres more than 2 of you in the office?

  • Also, if you happen to have something with different variations (i.e. clothing with different ASINS for different sizes/colors), you need to make sure that all ASIN possibilities are included in the product selection.
  • leo77leo77
    edited September 2015
    With that said, sometimes I will get customers who complain that a code does not work. Most of the time, I will look at our orders, and see other customers who that same day had no issues placing orders with the same group of codes. So yeah, this can get pretty annoying sometimes.
  • Hi Travis, just one more question. I've had to start a new promotion (as I hadn't realised but my ASC promotion had finished which was why my codes weren't working) but I still have over 100 codes in my Reviewer Club at $1. But my new codes are $3. I have pending customers who I need to give the $1 codes to. Will these codes in my Review Club still work for $1once my new promotion has started?

    I hope I've explained that ok.

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