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Amazon Inventory Management App Software?

constantineconstantine ✭✭
edited November 2015 in General
Our store has many SKUs (95 or so with plans to double in the next little while)... I am looking for an inventory management solution that works... I do not need multi-channel, but simply want a tool that will help consolidate what we have in local warehouse with what is at FBA and what is incoming versus projected sales... It is becoming harder and harder and looking at Seller Central reports does not cut it anymore... Promotions affect the results etc... Would be nice to get a report that says: hey, you have things much + this much has shipped, so you need to send this much now or else... I would give this report to support staff and let them take care of things instead of doing it myself or trusting VA to do the right thing... A lot is at stake, especially during Christmas...

Thanks in advance.



  • ceilos456ceilos456
    edited October 2015
    We use seller cloud, it might be a little pricey depending on what your needs are...but we bought the Amazon seller software and cant work without it
  • Thanks for the tip, @ceilos456 am getting a presentation on - they are also pricey, but we are at the level where a complete package with sales analytics, inventory management etc has become necessary... I am not sure how much they are, but I know they are in over $1k per month...
  • constantineconstantine ✭✭
    edited November 2015
    Teika Metrics was a big disappointment.

    Despite great promises of all the right features listed on their site, Teika Metrics is messy and very expensive - $2,500 per month... Wow.

    It touts itself as an FBA-oriented tool, but it is not made for FBA at all... unless you are only sourcing locally from a multitude of brands and suppliers.

    How do you organize an FBA shipment? - Well, you choose a supplier, create a PO and based on the PO you create a shipment... Well, my suppliers are in China and I source from my own local warehouse... Does not address that nor does it keep track of your inventory in local warehouse... only what is already shipped to FBA...

    Sales tracking is so so... analytic tools - so, so... instead of making it all clear and easy, it makes everything more complicated...

    Inventory Lab did most of what Teika offers and at a fraction of the cost...

    Just my 5 cents.
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