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Ranking in Grid View vs. List View

edited September 2015 in Amazon SEO
Hey guys,

First post here in the community, but have been using AMZ Tracker for some time now.

Here is an issue that NOBODY so far has been able to explain in a way that makes sense. I've put some time and effort in to studying this but still cannot seem to crack this nut.

For one of my main keywords, the search on Amazon defaults to the grid view in Health & Personal Care. However, this product is also in Sports as well. My product is in Sports, and I've tried switching between Sports and Health to test this, but for some reason whenever I rank in the top 10 for this main keyword, I still never show up on Page 1 in the grid view.

The best I have ever appeared for this was the top of page 2, and that was being in position number 7 after a huge blast. I show up in the top 10 in "All Departments", but the default grid view I'm in spot 30.

Here is what I've found when studying this:
Some keywords in List View I appear at spot 40ish, but am showing up in position 30 or so in the Grid View. Other keywords, I rank in position 20ish in the List View but show up in the 40+ range in the Grid View. There appears to be no consistency.

Can someone explain how to rank in the Grid View as well as the List View and show up the same? I can't seem to figure this out...

Thanks in advance!
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