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Product Title and Description

Had some changes over my title and description like us all I would imagine. My issue is I am trying t change this
but seems to be in some kind of 'locked' status. Anyone else having this issue.

Also have tried to insert html into my description but won't populate.


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  • ok many thanks, thought I was doing something wrong. If I find anything else I will let you know. When u say 'flat file' what do I need to do, I realise this will be a csv file.
  • I cannot go into details here - it would be a long tutorial, but you get a specific flat file template for a specific category, fill out required fields and upload it... changes reflect on your listing... Please read up in Seller Support forums or ask Support... it is not difficult, but it is meticulous work... Cheers.
  • addecusaddecus
    edited September 2015
    Sometimes this issue is caused when you have multiple "SKUs" for the same ASIN. You have to make certain the title field is identical across all of your SKUs for that ASIN.

    For example, some people have one ASIN with an FBA SKU and they also want to do FBM for the same listing so they create a second FBM SKU.

    Hope that helps.
  • i've changed my title for a hot listing before and i lost all the keyword rankings on it after doing such.
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