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there is no "button" to go to the product and order in my email

i keep getting emails that i am approved to review an item. it says click the button below to review, but there is no button. help! i try using the code to order but it does not give me free shipping. help!


  • If you go to Review Requests on AMZ, you should be able to click the coupon code to get taken directly to the product. If you can't click it, then you can click Write a Review and you'll be taken to Amazon. Don't actually leave a review, but click the product link instead and you'll go to the product listing. It's tedious but it's the only way to ensure you're ordering the right product if there's no link in the email and the seller doesn't leave instructions on how to search for the item.

    As for not getting free shipping, maybe you're ordering the wrong item?

    Do you have prime? If you do, is the item not prime eligible? Sometimes items just won't have free shipping.

    I usually stay away from things on AMZ that aren't marked as FBA because it's likely that either the item won't be eligible for Prime so shipping won't be free, or if shipping IS free it's straight from China and takes weeks to ship.
  • Hi @Travis_Jamison ,

    It seems this post is talking about the same thing.

    I'm afraid if a lot of reviewers who can't find the purchase link in their email started to click on "Write a Review" button to make the purchase and it will bypass the Super URL function :(
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