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Can we drip feed out sales/reviews say 2 a day over a month?

edited September 2015 in AMZ Tracker Tools
Hi AMZTracker community! Good to be here.
I've used the review club a couple of times for big one-off promotions for launches or Boosts of my products.

I am wanting to run "Maintenance promotions" after a big launch to keep my product ranking more consistent.
Specifically, I want to drip feed sales at about 2 a day over a month.
Can I set this up with AMZTracker? If so, how? I've watched the videos, dug around on the site and looked through the forum but not seen this anywhere.

Thanks in advance for your help!


  • I hope this is coming... because otherwise I need to hire a dedicated person to do this... and it will get expensive...
  • PHENOMENAL idea, and very much needed.

    I also think there should be a reviewer hierarchy of TRUSTED reviewers with some kind of algorithm. Level 1, Level 2, etc that the reviewers can earn their way into (or out of). It will keep existing reviews striving to be better, and weed out the con men, ebay sellers and bad reviewers.

    This way, merchants can choose Level 1s pretty much carte blanche with no fear, and be more judicious about the lower levels. Individually sifting through profiles takes up the most time for us. So that would be the BIGGEST time saver.

  • ... and letting out let's say 10-20 promo items per month would make the campaign look organic.... allocate X amount of units per month, add codes once and have reviews come in on auto-pilot...

  • I like this idea. *Upvoted* - Which reminds me, we need an Upvote button. lol
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