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AMZ Tracker slow?

Page refreshes/loads, review notification, declines all super slow for the past hour.

Anyone else?


  • YES!!! Every single day for the last week it has been crazy slow. Frustratingly slow. 1 minute per review acceptance slow. It's slow right now as well which is exactly why I came here because there is something wrong with the server.
  • I haven't had any issues really, but it seems stuck, at the moment. I'm sure they know about it, and are working on it.
  • I am new and have been trying to send out codes. When I hit the email, it just sits in limbo turning circles. Though it went out, I think 2 or 3 times. Does the person who requested it still show on the page once they have been emailed a code? It seems maybe two or three were emailed but I don't know how to tell. Thanks!
  • Yes, freezes... getting stuck when trying to add or delete products... back to normal today.
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