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FBA Question - (Stickerless, Commingled Inventory)

Hello Everyone,

I'm getting ready to launch my first product on Amazon. I've elected to use Amazon's label service so the manufacturer doesn't have to manually label each item according to the way Amazon requires.

However, I'm a little confused on the 'Stickerless, Commingled Inventory'. Do I need to select this as well? How does it differ from the label service?

I have a private label product with my own UPC - so I don't think it will be commingled anyways. But, what threw me off was this: "All of your units will require item labels before they can be received."

If someone that is currently using FBA could please explain this, I would be appreciative.


  • There are some categories that require FBA stickers under all circumstances. Anything with an expiration date (Food & Grocery, Health and Beauty, for example) and some media products cannot be commingled. If your product meets these criteria, you cannot do stickerless even if you have enabled it in your seller account.

    Read the help pages to learn how to switch your account to stickerless commingled and back. Once you are switched, any SKUs you create will remain as stickerless, even if you switch back to stickered inventory. Likewise, any SKUs you create when set as stickered, remain as stickered, even though you are set to stickerless.

    You are right that if you are the only seller for your product, it might seem to make sense to use stickerless commingled, since it is all your inventory anyway. But imagine a scenario where a pretender hijacks your listing and ships knockoff products to stickerless commingled inventory. Then you get an order, the customer receives the knockoff, and you, the product brand owner, get dinged or accused of selling a knockoff of your own product. An extreme scenario, to be sure, but possible anyway.

    If your inventory is "X-labeled" (an internal name for FNSKU), you guarantee that your product comes from your inventory that you shipped in, and eliminates the possibility of shipping a hijacker's knockoff if you both used stickerless commingled.

    Once the time is right, you can design your packaging to have the FNSKU printed directly on your product packaging. I know this is true for this product, I bought it:

    You can search up the phrase "fba stickerless commingled inventory" for articles discussing your question. Meanwhile, this is direct from SC help pages:

    Technical Requirements for Stickerless, Commingled Inventory

    Some media products cannot be commingled. You cannot send in CDs, VHS tapes, or DVDs without FBA labels.
    The condition of the product must be new.
    The item must have a UPC or EAN in a barcode form for our fulfillment centers to scan when they receive the product.
    The UPC or EAN must be for a single ASIN. If it applies to more than one ASIN, you will need to label the product, even if it could be previously sent in as stickerless.
    In order to prevent delays in processing your inventory, certain other products may not be eligible for Stickerless, Commingled Inventory.
    Barcodes must be easily scannable.
    The product must not have an expiration date.
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