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Thanking Reviewers

Apologies if this topic has been covered previously.. I couldn't find it easily.
Is there a way to contact reviewers to thank them for their review. Some have their details on the profile, other do not. Some reviewers use generic names such as Amazon Customer and its not easy to find them thru the Amazon order details on Seller Central.


  • As a general rule, if the reviewer wanted to be contacted, they would make it easier for you to do so. I keep my contact details on my profile, but many reviewers choose not to because they enjoy the anonymity.
  • mtmirrormtmirror
    edited September 2015
    Amazon has been randomly renaming people "Amazon Customer" or "A Customer" for short periods of time (a few hours, or even a day or two) for the past couple weeks. It's not really the reviewer's real name or nickname. It seems to be a glitch; there's been a lot of talk about it in the Amazon Top Reviewer Forum.

    (There actually seem to be a lot of issues with Amazon lately, including long lags in reviews posting and other issues too.)

    I do have my email address on my Amazon profile and welcome emails from sellers.
  • I have to admit this review system is the most frustrating aspect of selling on Amazon, as I feel it is so easily manipulated by a competitor with the resources and personnel to undermine another sellers ranking with 1 & 2 star reviews. This is especially the case when a reviewer can hide behind the pseudonym "Amazon Customer" or "a Customer". I am always wary of any one star review ( I hate it) when products have predominately 4 & 5 star reviews (like it & love it). The unfortunate side of it all, apart from the effect on the review ranking, is that the customer will always read the negative reviews.
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