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What to do when the review deadline has long since passed but the item still has not arrived?

FenixFenix ✭✭
edited September 2015 in General
I purchased 4 items from an overseas seller back in late August, obviously at this point the review deadline has passed but I have not yet received the items. Since I ended up purchasing another item from the same seller 10 days later that has been received I believe that this package may be lost in shipment. I have contacted the seller on this matter and have no problem dealing with the issue on that end myself however I'm not quite sure how to deal with this in regards to my track record as seen by other sellers in regards to leaving reviews in a timely manner.

What is the best step to take in this situation to protect my record/ranking with AMZ when I have no control over my ability to live up to the review deadline expectation?

Although this question is primarily directed towards the PTB at AMZ I am curious to know from a sellers standpoint, do you see this type of information when a you receive a request from a reviewer?


  • I would like to know the same thing. I ordered something from a Chinese seller at the end of August and it's not here yet.

    But I have gotten threatening emails from AmzReviewTrader saying I have to review the item now or lose reviewing privileges. I don't want to leave a fake review or a placeholder review. But I also don't want to lose my account here.

    What should I do?
  • OK. So seriously. Can someone from AMZ please help with this? The seller is now reshipping this order, again from overseas, again with a 4 week out time. So how do I handle this within your review system? Do I leave it open and waiting or should I just report it as a problem and close it out in my dashboard and just go ahead and review them when they finally arrive?
  • i don't believe that this can affect your reviewer ranking the email that you get is automated. it doesn't know if the package is from china or from around the corner..
    who have to rank your review is the seller.. not amz. ( that's how is supposed to be)
    so i don't think that the seller is going to put a bad report because you don't have the product!..

    Again this should be answered by a seller or amz.
    but if it does.. that sucks

    myself as a reviewer i have many products that come from china. and i wait for the package when it get's to me is when i make my review!!
    usually i contact the seller.. hey i can't make your review in 48 hours because your package is not going to be here till... ( whatever it takes)
    i never had a problem
  • evolve said:

    this should be answered by a seller or amz.

    I agree, but I posted this over 10 days ago and they have not answered. Personally I removed the items from my dashboard with a note on each one as to what was going on but I'm not the only one this happens to so an answer might have been nice.

    To answer your point, I'm not worried about the seller in question, the seller and I are fine. My questions were very simple

    1) To AMZ powers that be... When we get an email threatening our status as reviewers for not reviewing a product that we have not recieved how do we handle the situation.

    2) To AMZ Sellers - On your end, do you see seller status? Is there anything that indicates the percentage of items purchased that have been reviewed/average time from order to review/anything that tells you anything regarding the a reviewers review history other than the average rating that the give? Is there anything on your end that would indicate that a potential reviewer ordered an item 2 months ago and has yet to review it?
  • worst part is support. doesnt give a damn. if you send an email to support.. you better have a sit. waiting for an answer.
    yes i do believe that sellers see our ranks reviews made and all of that..
    that is what they base in order to give us promo codes..

    Amz is supposed to monitor all the product request promo codes etc. and make sure we make reviews..
    right now amz is telling me to make reviews that i made months ago..
    not only that how the heck we submited ??? if the button is not there anymore?

    i sent many emails i contacted Travis thru amzseller no answer
    but he answer sellers with dummy questions that have already been answered
    so yes i feel you..

    well i wish you good luck
    and if you get an answer please share it with all the reviewers

  • Reviews are due 10 days AFTER receiving the product. The emails you are receiving from the site are automated based on when you received approval/code.
  • Kati yes that is true but the emails threaten to remove our ability to request any more items if the review isn't posted immediately. Based on elapsed time they think the item has been received but it hasn't.
  • The emails themselves will not cause you to be blocked on the site. As far as I am aware the seller has to report you as having not left the required review. I work nights so I request products that are listed at night, so I mainly deal with those overseas. I haven't had any issues with products I received a month or longer after I was given the code. Just to share my experience. The emails seem scary but they are just reminders, meant to be threatening to those that are actually running late on their reviews.
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