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Reviews that show on Amazon Customer profile, but not product page

Has anyone seen this? I've noticed reviews on the profile pages to those I've sent an invitation to, but they are not all showing up on my product review page. They are good reviewers and would like to invite them for other products, but feel it may be a waste if the review never shows up on my product page. Anyone else notice this?


  • There has been a lot of conversation about this in the Top Reviewer Forum at Amazon lately.

    The reviews will eventually show up in both places! But sometimes there's a lag. It could be a day (very occasionally more) before a review is on both the profile and product page.

    It doesn't seem to be connected to any particular reviewers; just Amazon taking time to sync everything between its servers.

    There are several things that have been noted with regards to the lags:

    - Sometimes reviews show up on the product page before the reviewer's profile.

    - More commonly, reviews show up first on the reviewer's profile, before the product page.

    - Sometimes the review count on the product page increases by 1, before the review is posted on that page.

    - Reviews submitted with photos or videos will only show up after a delay, presumably so that the images can be approved.

    - If a review is submitted first without photos, it will publish sooner. Then, it can be edited later to include the photos. That way the review isn't delayed - only the photos are. The photos may still take up to a day or so to post.

    This has been ongoing for quite a while now and is quite a headache. But the good news is that the reviews on the profile and product pages do sync up eventually.
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