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Hello! (Review Club Question)

Hey, I've just started giving this tool a whirl and it's pretty awesome so far.

Is it alright if I change the promotion discount amount in the review club? I'm curious to see how people respond to different prices, but I don't want to take advantage of the system by making my product appear more at the top of where reviewers see products (if that's how it happens to work).



  • Hey @jonathann it's not problem to change the price. It's completely up to you. A couple of notes for you:
    • The cheaper your product, the more review requests you will have. Anything around $1 will do really well, and if it's free... look out! You can make it more expensive, that's just fine, but the number of review requests will go down some.
    • IF you change around your price, make sure not to change it for any reviewers who have previously requested your product (unless it is actually cheaper for them). The reviewers rightfully get a little irritated about that one. So if you are going to raise the price, just "remove the listing" first, and the re-list it so that the price will be correct.
  • Thank you!
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