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Amazon Feedback Software - What Is The Best To Manage Your Amazon Business?

Hey Everyone,
It seems like almost every week I have someone asking what the best Amazon feedback software for Amazon sellers is. There isn't a perfect answer here, so instead of "giving you the answer", I'm instead going to provide some helpful links with details about each unique one.

If you're not already using one of these tools, then we highly suggest that you start soon. These tools are a super economical way to boost your number of product reviews, seller account reviews, and even help you keep your account healthy.

Note* These are the "feedback request" management style software products that message your buyers post-sale to request feedback and to message any kind of directions or post-sale info that is needed. Many of them also support attachments such as ebook pdfs and such.

List Of Tools:


1. Feedbackz

Feedbackz is one of the newer kids on the block, but is a super solid product. This is one of Travis' favorites simply because the owner of it (James Amazio) is a big Amazon seller himself. Giving him "Skin in the game" to know what is needed most.
  • A FABULOUS modern interface making everything look incredible.
  • Works in the US, UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany
  • Easy to use email templates, and unlimited customization
  • Includes an analytics feature
  • Emails optimized for all devices (mobile, tablets, desktops)
  • Probably the least expensive option available

2. FeedbackFive


FeedbackFive (from eComEngine) has been around for a really long time, and has proven to be a solid choice for sellers that they can depend on.
  • Longtime service that is dependable
  • Was the first software to offer its features in the UK markets

3. Bqool


Bqool actually offers a few different products, and people forget sometimes that it offers a feedback request feature. Bqool has been around for a long time as well. A possible downside with them is that they appear to require plans to be billed annually. That might be a bit of a pain for brand new Amazon sellers on a tight budget.
  • Works in lots of Amazon markets: US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES
  • Has a robust feedback management tool (not feedback request, but notifications on negative/neutral feedback for products/sellers)
  • Buyer Blacklist Management

4. Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius is another of the very established tools. This software is a staple for MANY Amazon sellers. They have an easy to use backend, and have lots of great customization options.
  • If you are a VERY small brand new seller they have a free plan you can use to get started
  • They support the (Mexico) market, which seems rare.

Other possibilities:

  • Klaviyo - We don't have too much info on this, but we have heard that advanced sellers who have a robust multi-channel system going on use "Klaviyo" with success.
  • Mr Feedback
  • Salesbacker - The owner of this seems to run in Amazon seller circles and was on the respectable Amazing seller podcast, which is usually a good sign.
Hope this helps! Enjoy!


  • I use and love FeedbackGenius... but we are over 7000 transactions per month and even at 2 x follow up emails (one on the day of delivery and one a few days after asking for feedback), our bill is up there...

    Which one is more cost effective? Thanks
  • FeedbackGenius is the tool of my choice. Slightly different reason than just a plain feedback solicitation though.

    Feedback Genius tracks the shipments and has the ability to email on the day of delivery. It scans every tracking step and when the tracking shows "Out for Delivery" you have the option to trigger the email. I have been looking for a tool like that for years and the only one I found was AfterShip, who also tracks progress of each shipment.

    With FeedbackGenius we kill two or three birds with one stone.

    1) NON DELIVERY CLAIMS REDUCED : FeedbackGenius alerts the customer their package is about to be delivered that day. Many "Where is my stuff" and "Item not received" claims avoided that way....
    2) CUSTOMER SERVICE : We use that alert to ask the customer to check if everything is perfect with their delivery and product an on the same breath ask the customer if any issues to let us know
    3) FEEDBACK/PRODUCT REVIEW: in conclusion of that email we also ask : if they'd like, to share their experience with other customers by providing a product review or seller feedback.

    Customers love it. Often our feedback/product reviews cite awesome customer service like "They even emailed me on the day product was delivering..." That is how we morph the annoying feedback/review solicitation to something useful our customers actually appreciate.
  • I would recommend
    High5 allows you to request feedback from all your Amazon, eBay.... marketplaces. Many settings and rules
  • I would recommend FeedbackExpress. Free 30-day trial. Helps prevent and remove negative feedback.
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