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I've just signed up for the free trial of AMZ Tracker and was interested in getting started with the AMZ Review Trader program.

Although I've seen other vendors offer coupon/discount codes for, I could not find a way to generate my own codes in Amazon Vendor Central.

Has anyone had experience generating coupon codes for in Vendor Central? Is this even possible?


  • @ETCCanada, Amazon Canada does not have the same features as Amazon USA when it comes to promotional codes... the system is far behind USA version. While features for tracking sales rank and keyword ranking work, promotional codes and thus review club features do not...

    Also, from my experience in selling on, the sales are simply horrible - there is no traffic and no buyers... I sell 1000 items per month in USA for a certain product and sales rank is 2500... I sell 20 of the same item in Canada and my rank shoots up to under 1000... which to me is an indicator that there are not sales in Canadian marketplace at all... FBA fees are higher (much higher)... Shipping to FBA warehouses is WOW expensive and overall after taking my time to sell a number of best selling products from USA account I came to a definite conclusion that Amazon Canada right now is a waste of time and money...

    That's my experience.

  • thanks for the tips
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