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Augmented prices???

Hi my name is David H and i enjoy amz review club
but i see many many times that a product cost 90 $ and with the discount cost 9 dollars as example
but when i go to amazon the product cost 35$ not 90 lol
i believe that is no need to fake the prices like the product is the bomb.
you guys ask reviewers to be honest. but sellers they don't follow thru
i really like this place but i wish the prices where real. it makes a big deal for me at least
wow a ring cost 200$ and with the discount 10$ woww
when i go to amazon it cost 20. without the code.
is not cool


  • If I notice a price gouging I just do not request the item. I've seen very high 'original' prices that put the 'discount' at twice what a product would usually sell for. I won't even voice a complaint, I think getting no requests will be enough of a realization for sellers in the long run. Something shouldn't be $35 on amazon if it sells for $2 everywhere else in the real world.

    I really enjoy reviewing, and make sure my reviews are at least a full paragraph, which is time consuming when there are a lot of products to test and reviews to write. So I take a free or deep discount in exchange for that time. If it's not a good deal I just won't try it.
  • correct..
    by the way why we should pay for a product????
    our payment should be a free product
    the seller want a review?
    i want a free product//
    i received more junk than good products!
  • If a product is very expensive (a justified price, not gouging) then I don't mind paying something for it. I will take an expensive item with a big discount and pay a few dollars. I think the review will make up for the big discount part, and the price ($1-$10) I will pay for the 'rest' because it's a good product that I really wanted. For instance a nice jewelry, clothing or electronic item I will be willing to pay some money for, but not over $10.

    Because I am still doing this for reviews and not just normal shopping. It just needs to be a good item, worth what it is original pricing says, and at a good discount.

    I'm not paying money for a 'miracle face cream ' that may or may not work and is priced at over $100 on amazon to force me to pay $15 as a supposed 'discount'. Even a reasonably priced face cream shouldn't be more that $2 for review in my opinion. We as buyers don't know if these things will work, and there is always a chance that they could give us a rash or have a negative result of some kind.
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