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Looking for clarification on how variation ranking works...

Hi all.

I am trying to figure out how keyword rank works when you have a parent with several variations (e.g. color).

The way variations work on Amazon is weird.

a. When you look for an item, the image shown in search is the main image for the first variation. So if you item comes in e.g. blue, white and red colors and blue was created first or is the first variation in line, only the image for the blue color variation shows up in search. I was by support that it is the main image for parent item that shows up in search, but the very next day another support rep told me that this is wrong.

b. If you have several color variations, the secondary colors do not show up in search as separate listings - you can only find them by either clicking on the main color and then selecting another color option one you are on listing page or by typing in the specifics of the variations in search window e.g. "blue nike shoes model 123".

c. I also found out that despite being "hosted" on the same product page, if your main variation sells out, the secondary variation loses the sales rank and keyword ranking... I saw this happen with my products... you sell a green item, add a red item... green sells more and sells out... as soon as this happens, the red color product drops in sales rank and keyword rank immediately. This implies that sales rank and keyword rank are not attached to the parent item, but rather to a variation...

d. Knowing that e.g. red color cannot be found without looking at main green color, ranking red color separately makes no sense... but not ranking it means that it will drop as soon as the main color sells out...This kind of defeats the purpose of having color variations completely... It stops you from having more inventory of the main variation and gives you a smaller "war chest" to play with...

Does anyone have any insight into this? Experience? Advice?


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