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Why I can not get reviewers?

Hi @Travis_Jamison , Just sent you a message that I think I got a problem with my account. I made several promotions for over 48 hours, but there is no one want to review the products, it's unnormal because we have been using AMZ RC for a long time, and it's the first time that we posted 5 promotions but no reviewers apllied. Please help me to check this ASAP. Thanks.



  • I'm having this exact same problem. Usually I have at least 50 review requests in the first few hours but today I haven't had a single request even though the promotion has been live since this morning.
  • There was an issue on the site, for reviewers today. It was just fixed a little while ago it appears. New products were not showing up, but they are now and reviewers are going insane with requests. :)
  • Hey there

    We were doing some quick maintenance and upgrades on the review club and ART today.
    We want to ensure it's speed and functionality for are quickly growing user base

    ​Thank you very much for your patience as we upgrade the systems.

    ​The site is back live and running at 100%.
    ​With the new upgrades the site will run faster, smoother, and more secure.

    ​If you are still having issues with the review club please let me know and we will help you figure it out. Best to email us at [email protected] so we can help quickly and get more information.

    A​MZ Tracker team
  • @Erik Thank you guys. I will check it soon. :|
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