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Product not showing AMZReviewTrader


I've listed my product a few times on the AMZ Review Club and then checked AMZReviewTrader to make sure it's up.
Unfortunately, over the past few days my product is nowhere to be seen. I've searched through all pages and made sure the listing is 100% live.

Could someone please help?



  • If the product has reached the number of requests (reviewers applying for it) as you set up voucher codes it will disappear from the site. This can happen extremely quickly in some cases.
  • Hey there

    We were doing some quick maintenance and upgrades on the review club and ART today.
    We want to ensure it's speed and functionality for are quickly growing user base

    ​Thank you very much for your patience as we upgrade the systems.

    ​The site is back live and running at 100%.
    ​With the new upgrades the site will run faster, smoother, and more secure.

    ​If you are still having issues with the review club please let me know and we will help you figure it out. Best to email us at [email protected] so we can help quickly and get more information.

    A​MZ Tracker team
  • Everything is working now! Thank you very much for the responses.
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