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There are anyone can help me !

edited October 2015 in Amazon SEO

I have one product have a good sales for long time since my competitor left several negative review on my product.

Now this product has thousand pcs in amazon inventory.

And the rank from1000 to 41000 now.

Now i don't know how to ‘rescue’ it LOL.

Could you help me what should i do to make it get well ?


  • Best advice is to get more positive reviews... so the negative ones don't show up.
    Also if you know which competitor - its up to you but I'd retaliate in whatever way fits your morals.
    I was getting trouble from competitors early on but buried all the reviews with positive ones and did the same thing back 10x - haven't had any trouble since.

    If you know which competitor I'd also contact them and talk to the owner - this has worked for me and I don't get targeted at all anymore- we have a friendly rivalry of sorts.

    But more to the point BSR is irrelevant... and 41000 could mean 1 sale per day in a lot of categories so I doubt the reviews is the only problem here.

    Were you at 1000bsr from promo's, or natural sales?

    If you are sure they are from a competitor and you have some evidence - eg the reviewers accounts are linked to this kind of behaviour for other products, then you can maybe get them removed my asking seller support - if they are unverified it's much easier.

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