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Ranking question long vs short tail.

So I've got a product up for about a week now and I've started ranking for a bunch of long tails. One in particular I was targeting with the super url, I've hit page 1 for. However, the shorter higher volume term, is still nowhere to be seen (>300) even though I've split the impressions at about 60/40% (60 for the longer phrase). Do the higher volume terms generally take longer? There is lots of competition on this keyword, however, I see many products with less than 20 reviews on pages 2+ and I'm currently at about 50 and generating steady sales.

Any input appreciated, thanks!


  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited October 2015
    Reviews have nothing to do with ranking a keyword directly.
    They might have better optimised pages, more sales and most importantly - a high conversion rate for those keywords.

    Yes a low competition keyword will rank much much faster (within 2-3 days) with a few sales from a superURL in my experience. The high comp ones take time - and in my experience shouldn't be looked at in a vacuum - eg you should be targeting a few variations of the KW, long tail versions of it.

    Also I doubt you can rank High Comp keywords with only superURL sales these days (long term) - you need real sales as well. (well you can, but you gotta be prepared to have constant ongoing promo's to stay there)
    Your competition are all using the superURL as well.. and are getting tons of natural sales I'm guessing. So you need to match their sales/conversion rate and exceed it to stick at the top of the search rankings.
  • I doubt they are getting more sales most of them are lower ranked and have poor detail pages. Maybe just needs more time.
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