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Limitations on product title & description are affecting us all

edited October 2015 in Amazon SEO
I'm writing this because there have been a few Amazon changes recently which are hindering sellers who are selling private label products on Amazon.

The main changes are:

1) As of June 2015, the title field has been reduced from the (useful) 250 character limit to 50 characters in key categories like Health & Personal Care. In fact, using long titles may cause your Amazon listings to be blocked.

2) The description field only allows you 2,000 characters which is difficult but just about workable. Unfortunately (and bizarrely) Amazon has removed the ability to format that description field by removing html characters like break, paragraph and bold. So all the text appears as just one unreadable blob, rendering the description field almost useless.

3) Not all sellers seem to be impacted by the above changes. Some (brand?) sellers get preferred treatment and are able to have the title, description formatted exactly as they like incl. having images in there. This double standard reduces trust in Amazon as a sellers platform (not surprisingly).

The above changes may not seem like a big deal, however sadly, they are. It means that third party sellers are no longer able to differentiate themselves from each other as they used to. You used to be able to use title, bullets, description and images to differentiate. Now you only really have images, 5x bullets, first few words of description, which is a lot harder.

I'm not sure why Amazon have implemented these changes and I suspect it's likely more limitations will be arriving.

I know for one thing, it's making me less inclined and motivated to be a seller on Amazon.

I'd love thoughts from some people in the know about what's happening and what to do about it.

p.s. even Facebook allows basic formatting of posts (at least line breaks and characters like **). So why shouldn't Amazon?
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