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ZonBlast vs. AMZ Tracker Amazon Review Club

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Hi all,

I'm just curious as to what the actual differences are between using a service like Zonblast and Amazon Review Club from AMZ Tracker (aside from the huge price difference).

From my understanding, both sites connect sellers with users looking to receive promotional products.

The only difference I am able to identify is that Zonblast claims that they are not a review site, and thus users can expect only 20-30% of buyers to leave a review. Am I missing something here? If I wanted to give out promotional products and not receive reviews, surely I could just ask the reviewers here on AMZRC not to leave a review in the promotion?

A 7 day wave on Zonblast costs something like $1,100. This price is in addition to the free products we have to give away + the FBA fees that we incur. I'm honestly not seeing where the value is here. In other words, if I want to spike the BSR algorithm I can do it with AMZRC at no extra cost. Additionally, with AMZRC I can choose how many sales I drip out over a particular time period.

I listened to a podcast from the owner of Zonblast in addition to spending a lot of time perusing the site. Still, I am unable to gain any insight to what exactly their service (blast, wave, etc.) provides that AMZRC does not?

My intention is not to promote one service over the other. I simply have a critical mind, and I am trying to identify where the value is added with Zonblast...(I'm also a CPA...maybe that's the problem here :)...)

I'm intersted in hearing whether any sellers out there have tried both services and can actually say whether or not either achieves differing results?



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    I have used ZonBlast. I gave away about 150-200 units very quickly (within 20 minutes) at $1 each, but didn't get many reviews from it. It works as a means of ranking, but it's not useful in terms of reviews. At $400 per Blast, it's pretty overpriced in my opinion. He's just sending the codes out to his list. In the long run, you're probably better off building your own list. He does offer an additional service in which he follows up with the buyers to leave a review, but - unsurprisingly - you'll have to fork over an extra couple hundred dollars for that.

    Just yesterday, I tried out the AMZ's Amazon Review Club, also with a $1 promotion. I had high hopes after being told they have 23k reviewers and 80% review rates. Unfortunately, the response was pretty poor compared to ZonBlast (30 applicants, 15 coupon purchases - after about 15 hours). I just got told by someone on here to try a free promotion, so I guess I'll give that a go. But, so far, I'm unimpressed.

    So, in summary:

    ZonBlast: you can give away as much inventory as you want for $1, but the service is expensive, and not many of those buyers will leave reviews.

    AMZ Review Club: early days for me, but it seems like the volume isn't there. I'm sure the review % will be good, but if I'm struggling to give away units, then it's not for me.
  • Hey Charlie,
    Good questions and I've wondered the same thing. I think that Zonblast is more or less a good product, but you're right that using the AMZ Tracker review club is superior in just about every way.

    AMZ Tracker is far cheaper, provides significantly more reviews, you can pick your price, drip them out at your own pace, pre-screen reviewers, etc.

    Again, I have nothing bad to say about Zonblast. If AMZ Tracker didn't exist, I think Zonblast would be a good choice. But since we do exist it's a no-brainer to just our service instead.
  • Travis, why am I struggling with volume on AMZ Tracker? I am not getting many applicants at all at the $1 price. Do I need to go to free? Or is it because I am using the trial? If the volume is there with this service, then it will beat ZonBlast hands-down, but I have not seen it so far.
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    Yeah, I'm waiting for the 100%-off codes to go live right now. Once they're ready, I'll be launching a totally free promotion. Hopefully the results are a lot better. I'll report back here. (I went with the $1 price because that was what was advised in the video.)

    I agree with your suggestions, by the way. Sellers are clogging up the website with terrible 'deals' ($20 for a '$50' product, for instance). That needs to be stopped. I would also be willing to pay extra for more visibility.
  • @duckmandrake yeah the 100% off will usually get MUCH more requests. Also, set your Review Club campaign to end in just a few days instead of a long time from now. You will get more this way as well.

    You also have to remember that the Review Club is not set up the same way as Zonblast. As in, there isn't an "email blast" going out immediately, instead it's being posted to AMZ Review Trader. So you have to have time for our reviewers to come and request it, as they won't know it's live immediately. Give it time and you should end up very happy with it all.

    Thinking about offering sponsored promotions. We are definitely starting to crack down on those users who are trying to use the Review Club as a "wholesale site" offering the crap deals. That's not what this is about and we are going to start kicking them out soon if they keep it up.
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