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Multiple Category listings

Hey folks.... big prize to whoever can answer to this one ;) I've asked Seller Central a couple of times and gotten a couple of different answers....

How do you get your listing on multiply categories?? Take this random listing I selected... car mirror&qid=1444822949&ref_=sr_1_4&sr=8-4

It is listed in automotive and in baby.

Also notice how Amazon doen't provide a link to the Automotive category... this is common with multiply category listings... not all of them are hyperlinked?

How and what's the pros and cons?

Do you know Travis?



  • Same question I have here!
  • *Bump* I searched the forum looking for the same answer :)
  • In the past when you created a new product you could choose more than one node, or product category. I think this changed sometime last year & now when you create a new product you only get the opportunity to choose one node / category.

    I'm guessing that ASIN's you can find with two categories were created before the change in policy. Hope this helps.
  • JoeyJoey
    edited January 2016
    As I know, this is called browse path. Each of my products get multiply browse paths. Every product could have three browse paths according Amazon TOS.

    1. Customers could find your product from different browse path that means more session.
    2. When you choose one less competitive browse path for your product, it could be easier to get the best seller.

    To add browse path:
    1. Find the node ID of the browse path from the best seller URL or the Browse Tree Guide download from Seller Center. Like the URL below, the node ID is 166835011.
    2. Then raise a case to tell the amazon support add browse path which node ID is xxxxx to your product.

    Hope this could helps.
  • @Joey , can I just say "bro" :smile: That is very helpful. Thank you!
  • @Joey, Pros #2 is the angle we are going for. Would you have any further insight on how to improve the rank you get in the less competitive browse path? To improve your rank in a browser path that you choose, does it help if your keyword tied to promos is the name of the sub (mulit sub) category? Or does the rank go up based on sales volume of your product? I've found and have finally been placed in a relatively low competitive sub-category ranked at 15 but my goal is #1. Thanks!
  • @Uban Hey bro, glad that my answer helps.

    IMO, the most important factor of the rank is sales volume. And I would find some browse paths which related with my products. To improve the sale rank, amztracker review club, PPC are effective.

    Hope you get your best seller soon! LOL
  • I was under the impression that you were unable to add products to multiple categories? Is this not the case? @Joey
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