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Reviewers not leaving reviews

I'm new, so could someone share their pull thru rate on Reviewers actually leaving a review? I've confirmed vouchers purchased and products delivered thru my Amazon Seller Account, (15 days have passed) and only 28% of reviewers have left reviews.


  • i approve about 50 reviews for vouchers a day and i get about 10 redemption a day- and maybe 3 of those will write the review
  • Recently, I have noticed a HUGE decline! It's a BIG problem. Is anyone else seeing this? It wasn't like this 3 months ago. There has been a big shift. My most recent big runs have been abysmal at follow through reviews. <10% of the last run and <50% of the prior run.
  • The only advice I can offer as a reviewer is you want to pick the people with 100's of reviews. Sure it may take a day or two extra for your review but you'll know you'll get it from people doing this honestly versus the scum doing this.
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    We just cleaned out a HUGE amount of problem reviewers, we discovered a nice little scam some were trying to pull. Review rates should improve dramatically.

    But... usually if you are picking good reviewers your review rate should still be pretty good. 50%+ is the norm for everything (we track it). Also, remember that these reviews can take up to 4 weeks once you actually send out the promos.
  • We just cleaned out a HUGE amount of problem reviewers, we discovered a nice little scam some were trying to pull. Review rates should improve dramatically.

    But... usually if you are picking good reviewers your review rate should still be pretty good. 50%+ is the norm for everything (we track it). Also, remember that these reviews can take up to 4 weeks once you actually send out the promos.

    No idea why people would try to scam, I mean all you need to do is write a damn review and you filled your part of the obligation and can do it again and again.
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    Granted they are improving this, but the amount of scam/shady/terrible sellers that were allowed to run rampant around here turned away good reviewers. Hopefully now that they are removing bad sellers maybe things will get better. But it's a two way street. Without good reviewers sellers have no incentive, and when the site is more often a waste of time than useful, reviewers have no incentive.

    Thankfully Travis and crew (if there is crew I don't know) are finally cleaning up both sides, so hopefully things improve dramatically.
  • Sellers shouldn't just pick based on review ranking--some high ranking reviewers are utterly terrible and no one would EVER take them seriously.


    Look at their reviews. If you are only getting 10%, then you probably are not screening them. There are some absolute idiot reviewers here who don't do crap other than get as many products as they can find then write one or two lines. If that is your choice in reviewer, expect to run into stuff like this.

    I also agree with @Steve Simpson. A minority of sellers started turning this place into a flea market or maybe a back alley where you might be cheated. Now that there are improvements in place, hopefully the good reviewers return.

    In general, pick reviewers who are taking this seriously. It's pretty easy to see who we are. When you have someone approved for 40 different items and they only write one sentence then it is hard to feel sorry for sellers who decided to deal with someone like that.
  • There are good/bad reviewers and seller. The best thing to do is just study their profiles, and I mean study them hard. It may take a few days longer but your rewards will be much more. Also go back and read their reviews, look at how much they write. To me if one is writing lots more, IMO that makes me think they are more passionate about what they do and don't want a crappy review on their page. Also another to check for is the dates they have reviewed... is it daily, how many do the do everyday. Not saying this will guarantee they will leave review, but if they are doing multiple a day and on a basics then chances are, they will get yours to. But you need to go back and check and look at those reviews for a bit. I don't know what all you can see on the seller end. Just speaking from my experience as a reviewer and what I would look for.

    I do love this site and have gotten a lot of great deals, I never miss a review and hate to see all the merchants loosing so much money in all this. Maybe if there was some way to do reviewers as a rank, that could help you know if they are shady or not, if reviewer does all then they keep going up, if not it goes against them and knocks their percentage down. That could be hard to change the site up, I am sure. So the only thing I can say is to just study each and everyone hard core. Hope things start looking up.
  • You want to know where your average 5-star silliness gets you? Sellers--if you approve this person for any product, you deserve getting stiffed. He is about to lose all of his reviews anyway, as I have just reported them all to Amazon. However, after the first five or so people approved him, everyone else who did so should be ashamed.

    Seriously, multiple sellers approved him since his October 4 review complaining about how a code didn't work.

    I also hope that Travis figures out who he is and bans him because this is embarrassing. I wish we, as reviewers, could have an easy outlet to report shady reviewers.
  • ZetaZeta ✭✭
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    Know what the worse part is tho @Allen_H ? Go pick out any recent item in your list and check the existing reviews. It seems the seller's are choosing crap people like this on purpose. I mean there's very little explanation besides this. They think 5 stars maybe someone will click the 1 click order button before actually reading the reviews. There's no other excuse as to why someone leaving reviews like that would be offered any product since they can offer nothing of sustainable value to the seller other then a 5 star ranking any customer will see is shit and thus think the product is shit.

    Here's another one:
    Why are these people being accepted at all?
  • @Zeta I was worried after some stupid campaign recently to barrage one of my reviews with unhelpful votes. It was enough that it completely wrecked my helpful percentage, and I worried that would dissuade sellers from using me even though I submit detailed, quality reviews with pictures, etc. I always have. This was just blatant and in LARGE quantity. I reported it to Amazon, but in the meantime I just deleted.

    Now I figure I didn't need to do that considering they probably aren't even looking at that. Either that or they ONLY look at numbers and ignore everything else.
  • @Zeta and @Allen_H those reviewers got approved for promos I got passed over for! And I put at least two hours into each review, not including time spent actually testing the product! That makes me sick! Allen, I also got hit recently by the same thing, somewhere around 15 not helpful votes on one review...dropped my ranking from 41k to 77k. It's ridiculous.
  • I am still new to this but have a good 60 plus reviews under my belt. I am shocked at the links to people who literally write nothing and have 0% helpful and still get approvals! Wow! I like all of you put a ton of time and effort into my reviews including photos and as much detail and personal experience of the product that I can. I always review within a day or two unless the product needs me to take a good few days to get to know it.

    None the less I agree with everyone looking at reviewers profiles benefits everyone from the seller to the reviewer. I do feel for sellers who have a ton of promotions to deal with and just maybe don't have the time to go through all the requests but at the same time I think that as others have suggested if we could get a good reviewer kind of stats on AMZ then that would again help both sides.
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