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Suggestion for Travis & Crew

FenixFenix ✭✭
edited October 2015 in General
I know that you have said that you are going to clamp down on ridiculous and shady practices by sellers so I have a suggestion to help us reviewers help you.... Actually it's a two part suggestion.
a) Put an automatic link to the Amazon listing page in the pop-up that we see when we click on an item (some items have them, others do not right now) and
b) Add a "Report an Issue" button to that same window.

For example... There is an item that was just listed that I had a couple questions about. In this case, there was a direct link to the Amazon listing of the item in the pop-up. The problem is that that AMZ listed discounted price is $3.23. The Amazon listing itself lists the product for $2.23 + $1.00 in shipping. In other words... they are offering no discount whatsoever. This is just a seller using your sight as a sales venue rather than a marketing tool AND strong arming buyers into leaving reviews. (and I have located at least 5 listings from this seller that follow the same formula)

Since we reviewers are more likely to notice these types of abuses that you have stated you want to combat, give us the tool. We will be more than happy to assist you in this endeavor.


  • I always like to look at a product on amazon. Not only to check for shipping costs, but to make sure of the size of an item. Household items or even clothing are very hard to determine actual size just from a photo.

    I bought computer speakers recently, and noticed a lot of unwarranted negative reviews from people who thought they were larger than they really were. Since I checked size before buying I knew what I was getting.

  • The reason why a link isn't there is because if you visit the link and don't buy it, it hurts the seller's ranking. AMZ exists to do nothing but improve their rankings.
  • what @zeta said -

    You can search the product title easy enough anyway - But as seller I don't want people viewing the page more than neccesary and reducing the conversion rate. It defeats the purpose of the review club.

    It's optional at the moment and it should be.
  • I had no idea that viewing a product could diminish the sellers standing. Amazon is so screwed up sometimes with how it determines rankings on different things.
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