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Discount price coming up more on Amazon?

Hello, this is my first post here so I'm sorry if this has been discussed before.

I've been reviewing for a few months or so, most of the time the discount price on Amazon review trader is the same price I get on Amazon, sometimes it comes up less than what it says I will get it here for. Recently I got excepted to review a product and it said I would get it for
$17.99, but when I went to buy it on Amazon it came up at $36, I emailed the seller (haven't heard back yet) to see what's going on. I really want this product, it's a toy for my son and I already showed him the picture of it and he's really excited about it. Can someone help me understand how this is happening? I have no idea how Amazon review trader works on the sellers end.

Thanks in advance!


  • Easy you came across one of the shitty sellers on AMZ.
  • You really shouldn't show your son anything in the future before it's ordered - it's fairly frequent that codes won't work. Getting an email doesn't necessarily mean you'll end up with the item.
  • I used the promo code but it brought the price down to $37 instead of $17. On Amazon review trader it said the price would be $17.99 for the product, but with the promo code it's coming up at $36.
  • Yeah I know that now, we are gonna buy it for him regardless. I found the same toy on zulily for around $25 so I will prob just end up ordering it from there.
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